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Back in Town

My laptop still doesn't get along with the internet very well, but at least it's a hundred times easier to use than the iPhone. So I'm back online, and back into my old habit of internet addiction.

I finally got back home at one o'clock today. Of course it's bloody freezing - worse than Melbourne - and strangely exactly as it was when I left it, which makes me wonder if it really has been two months.

OH guess what? The first song that came up on iTunes (to be able to play music loudly in my room! hooray!) upon my return was There's No Cure Like Travel. Am I meant to feel refreshed? Inspired? Ready to return and face the new world with open arms? I don't know. I just sighed a sigh and got to unpacking (i.e. taking everything out of the suitcase and putting it on the floor)

And now I have to go back to work and find a new job and learn to drive and then in a few months I have to go to university and study what everyone tells me is the most boring subject in the world for five years to earn a degree I don't really want and then oh God I have to get a real job and enter the workforce and work and work and work until I die, unless I'm lucky enough to retire and become an old and wrinkly crazy cat lady spinster.

It is nice to be back; I know I had to come back to pay off the big ass debt that funded half this thing. I know I have to knuckle down to business eventually and I can't run away from time and responsibility. In my last week in Vienna I tacked on 5 more nights in Melbourne because I didn't want to go home. But even they came to an end, and here I am, back in my lounge room, just as it was nine weeks ago, feeling like the whole thing was just a dream.


I'm glad you're back in time for the next meet. XD You might want to check this post: http://community.livejournal.com/tas_lolita/5768.html

How come you're quitting Taste of Asia? What are you going to study at uni? Naw, but if it's what you're interested in then it shouldn't be boring.

I know what you mean about running away from responsibility... Lol. You'll make it! You're not like me though, I'd be too homesick to want to stay away for longer.

You'll have to tell us about your travels in detail at the meet, if you can come! Hope you're relaxed and happy to be home.
Hiii Rosie! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply... I was a bit busy over the weekend because I had to work (that's why I want to quit: weekend + night work is inconvenient)

I didn't see you were having a meet! My friends page is just journals now, should probably add tas_lolita back on :) Anyway, I'll comment on that entry.

Hope your school holidays are going well.
It's all good! Ah, fair enough. I'd find that inconvenient too.

You probably should or you might miss out. We don't want that!

That they are, yours?