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snow white

My personal Nick Jonas verdict, in a nutshell

He's just too young. His voice wasn't up to singing ECAET, and he's obviously quieter than the rest of the cast. Not to mention he looks odd amongst the other students. There were parts, though, when I really liked his Marius. Mostly on the barricade, before Gavroche's death. There was a flash of the Marius with the powderkeg, ready to get himself killed. Mind you, I ended up sitting in the first row of the upper circle, which isn't a great place to judge someone's acting. I think he's going in the right direction, but he needs a couple more years of vocal development and life experience. Then, he could be great. But now, not so much.


Aw. It's nice that he's not totally awful, at least. ;_;
I've only heard some rubbish audio so far, so I'm reserving judgement. I'll see him some time next week, though, so I shall see.
I was a bit sad to miss his first performance, just to see what he's like raw, but I got to the theatre, saw all the fangirls and simply couldn't face it.
I actually didn't initially recognize him?? I was just like 'who is this guy he is terrible'. His singing in "Drink With Me" makes me cringe ;-;