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snow white

This journal is now, for the most part

Comment and tell me a bit about yourself to be added. 


Hello there, I just thought I'd say hi seeing as you are one of the very few local lolis! We spoke once awhile ago on oz_lolita but just in case you don't remember, I'm Rosie, a 15 year old lolita also from Tassie
Is it alright if I add you?
Oooh, I do remember you! Hi Rosie, I'm Tabbie :D
Add away! I'm friending you back.
Nice to meet you Tabbie :)
Hi! It was great to meet you in Hobart for the sweets jewelry making meet,
Hopefully I'll be able to come down again so I can get to know you all a bit better :D
I'm Kendal, 17 year old loli from Tassie ><
Can I add you?
I'm Kat, also known as LadyTherine on abaisse and Ladyofletters on twitter. I'm sixteen. We haven’t chatted a lot, but you always seemed nice and we share some interests in common (although I am slightly more interested in regency fashion than lolita. I hope you will forgive me :D). Mind if I friend you?

I'd love to be friends with you! My name is Tabbie, I'm seventeen. And don't worry, I have an interest in fashion throughout history :D It's great to meet someone of a similar age who's also interested in classic literature!

Heylo! I'm merlin_emrys from Abaisse. Added you for Abaisse reasons I guess. Er ... hi!
Hey merlin! Added you right back :)
Hey, ivrogne transfiguré on Abaissé. Just met you in Paris and you were lovely :) ... maybe see you in London sometime soon.